Showing off innovation: TEDx Hilversum recorded in Ultra HD (UHD/4K)

TEDxHilversum is all about innovation. The city of Hilversum is known for its quality and constant developments in new technology. So, what is better than talking about innovation? Showing it! That’s why TEDxHilversum chose to record all talks on video in Ultra HD (UHD). TEDxHilversum is the first TEDx event in the world where this technology will be used.

At TEDxHilversum, Rian Bester will talk about the 4K (or UHD) experience. Maybe you are wondering what UHD is. Well, remember that the world changed from SD (standard definition) to HD (high definition)? Such a change is happening again, and the increased sharpness and crisp images will blow you away!

United will be recording the event in UHD video (the technology is also known as 4K). Thijs van de Kamp, Senior Media Manager at United, explains: “UHD means that the screen resolution is four times bigger than regular HD. Where HD has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, UHD has 3840×2160 pixels. It creates a much bigger wow-effect than regular HD.”

Differences between UHD and HD
Well, that sounds wonderful, but what is different? These are the four big differences between regular HD and UHD:

  1. Resolution: Where HD has 2 million pixels in the screen, UHD has 8 million;
  2. Frame rate: 25 frames per second in HD, 50 frames in UHD;
  3. Wide color gamut; in HD we cannot record all colours visible for the human eye. In UHD we can record much more colours, which helps to edit them afterwards.
  4. High dynamic range: with UHD there is a higher dynamic contrast in the image. The difference between black and white is bigger, so there are more nuances in light.

These enhanced features bring massive consequences for the broadcasting industry. Think about other cameras, and specialists to operate them. Servers and their connections need to be UHD proof as well.
And what about the screens?! You need a much bigger screen to really enjoy everything UHD has to offer.

Ultra-HDThe future
UHD is going to be the new standard for all broadcasting media. Right now, with video on demand services stepping in, UHD offers them such an opportunity to really distinguish themselves. For consumers it will take a while to switch, but when people see the difference, they might just want it right away!

At TEDxHilversum we want to join in on the future, that’s why we chose to record all talks in UHD. The streams on our site will be broadcasted in regular HD, because the data connections to your home will not be able to deal with this size. All talks will be available in UHD afterwards as on demand videos.

Joffrey Vermeule