Rian Bester: TV is not dead, it is very much alive!

“Television is not dead. Some people believe that television won’t play an important role in the future. I disagree, because I believe that TV will continuously play a very important role in our lives. For the last four decades TV has been transforming enormously. Flat screens, from SD to HD and the next transformation; the transition form HD to Ultra HD (UHD)”, Rian Bester says.DMJ_5060

“UHD is more than just a bigger picture, more pixels or more colours; it is a major transformation! The secret of UHD is an immersive experience. Screens have gotten bigger over the years and that trend will continue, but instead of moving away from the screen, we will move closer to the screen! UHD gives you the extra detail. You just want to see it! You want to be immersed into it, into the story, into the picture. You want to soak in every detail. TV is still very much alive and UHD will take us into other worlds.”

Joffrey Vermeule

Photos by Mark Janssen and Willemijn van der Eijk