Theme of 2016


Art of Engagement

This year’s theme of TEDxHilversum is Art of Engagement. You might ask us why? Well, let us explain.

The world is getting more open and transparent. (Social) media deliver us news with the speed of lightening. In contact with each other. This way we know more about each other. Close by and far away. A new order sees the light. A new energy. A new dynamic. But are we really connected to one another? Do we really know more about one another. Are we getting closer to each other?

Do we open up to new and different ideas? Other realities? Or are we actually narrowing our world? Do we show who we really are in the so-called connected world? Can we distinguish realness from fake? Who and what can we believe? Is there a truth?

Do we take enough time for reflection? For truly listening? A respectful dialogue? Do we gratuitously believe what we see and hear? Do we take the words of convincing – but deceitful – leader seriously without giving it a second thought, in order for us to understand the chaotic outside world a bit better? How do we give man, mankind and humanity its rightful place in the complexity of life in this era?

The Art of Engagement, and the several aspects of it, is what TEDxHilversum 2016 focuses on this year. Whether this talks about technology, entertainment (Hilversum being Hilversum in the end), design or mankind, we give the stage full heartedly to The Art of Engagement. Sometimes visionary, sometimes already a reality but in the end always inspirational and real. You better believe us.