First TEDxHilversum speakers announced!

TEDxHilversum will take place in less than a month, so the time has come to announce our first speakers! Below you’ll find who our first 10 speakers and host will be, and which ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ they’ll bring to the TEDxHilversum stage!

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klein_crisCris Toala Olivares

Cris (born in Ecuador, living in the Netherlands) has made multiple series as a photographer for National Geographic. He is winner of many awards, including the prestigious Magnum Photography Award in 2016. He shares his photos in many ways, most often with his 24.000 followers on Instagram. In search of the best stories and most stunning visuals, Cris travels to all corners of the world with his camera. On one of his recent trips, he photographed a series of erupting volcanoes. At TEDxHilversum, he’ll tell his story of the relation between volcanoes and mankind, illustrated with marvelous pieces of his own work.



klein_toriTori Egherman

Even though she’s a professional in the field of Marketing and Communication, Tori has a very strict personal social media policy; she keeps her online followers and friends to a bare minimum. In her crisp and humorous talk about “shrink-hacking”, she’ll reveal the secrets and successes of an engaging social media presence.

Tori is a writer and shrink hacker with eclectic interests. Her work has been published online and in print, including in The Guardian, Hollands Licht, and Global Voices. She’s been published on topics as wide ranging as the American Dream, election campaigning in Iran, and the New York City subway system.


Bart HufenBart Hufen

Although gaming is nothing more than a repetitive routine, many of us get hooked by it. That is, if a designer creates the game in an attractive way. A gamer gets in a flow, endorfines run through his blood. What if you could use this principle in organisations?, is the question Bart Hufen asked himself. What if you could make your work just as fun as gaming by applying gaming principles? What if you could bring your work experience to the next level and get more engaged by the art of games. These and other related questions will be answered by Bart Hufen in his talk on our stage.

Bart Hufen is a gamification expert. His first book became a huge success. In his most recent book (nov. 2016), “Gamification as the driver of change”, Bart reveals how organizations can use games to optimize processes and get employees motivated to perform above average.



hemmerechts_kristienKristien Hemmerechts

Kristien is a Belgian author with a vast track record: stories, essays, novels, non-fiction. She’s been a reviewer for multiple newspapers and magazines, such as ‘Vrij Nederland’, ‘De Morgen’, ‘De Standaard’ and ‘Volkskrant’. She’s currently writing a blog every two weeks for the VRT website (Belgian TV broadcaster).

And then the diagnosis hit her hard: breast cancer. But not just her, Belgian author Kristien Hemmerechts, it also hit her friends and family and students* and neighbours and fans and other people who know her. But in a different way than she expected. Quickly she found out that it is a binary world out there: those of the healthy people and those who have cancer. She discovered that people found it very difficult to cope with the situation. More difficult than she expected. “The unclearness of the situation has to do with it”, she says. “You do not look ill, you do not act ill. You do not feel ill. But there is a devastating disease in your body at work and you are terrified.” When Kristien lost two sons, reactions were warm. “We can all relate to that. And the response is accordingly.” Her mentally ill sister always told her: “Kristien, you have no idea what it feels like to have a mental illness”. Kristien: “I understand that better now.” Kristien wanted her daughter and step children to continue to behave normally after her diagnosis, she has been brought up in the idea that you should not be weak nor vulnerable and yet she needed attentiveness at the right moment without having to ask for it. “That’s the hard part, you give mixed signals yourself.”

All in all, there is a taboo on cancer and a huge lack of knowledge on different types of cancer and treatments. This translates in the awkward situations Kristien felt herself in during the period she had breast cancer. No reason for her friends and relatives to feel guilty now. She simply feels we can all learn from her experience. We can all be inspired by her journey. That’s why she wrote the book ‘Er gebeurde dit, er gebeurde dat’, which felt like a coming out. Surely we will be inspired when Kristien starts talking on stage and shares her very personal story about life and (near) death, about those who are healthy and those who are sick.

* Kristien Hemmerechts is also professor in English literature at the University of Leuven, Belgium.



klein_shannazwartShanna Zwart (ShannaNina)

The newest trend in the world of online video is shoutcasting; livestreaming your gaming session with your own commentary. A growing number of platforms facilitate this, of which Twitch is the most popular. Shanna Zwart is an official partner of Twitch, and weekly streams her gaming sessions to over 40.000 subscribers, on her channel called ShannaNina. At TEDxHilversum, she’ll tell us all about shoutcasting, and how it changed but also saved her life.





klein_erikvandervenErik van der Ven

What started off as a joke, has grown into a true internet phenomenon. In 2014, Erik created a music video for Pharrell’s song “Happy”, but without music, just with sound effects. The video went viral and was shared all over the world. The start of a series, called #WITHOUTMUSIC! The series has already been viewed millions of times, and in the past few years their YouTube channel has gathered over 400.000 subscribers.





klein_mohamedelbachiriMohamed El Bachiri

Mohamed lost his wife in an underground train bombing during the Brussels Terrorist Attacks, on March 22nd earlier this year. Up to that day, Mohamed worked as an underground train driver, but had a day off during the attacks. Right at that moment, his wife was on the train that was bombed. Mohamed is a Muslim and lives in Molenbeek. Because of that, people view him as a potential terrorist, even though he’s a victim at the same time.

Even though Mohamed has never returned to the underground after the attacks, he is not bittered. He wants to spread a message: Muslims, Christians, Atheists, everyone lives together in a Western society. We’ll have to get along with eachother and try to create a society based on understanding, tolerance and love.

The beautiful and heartbreaking poem that Mohamed wrote for his passed wife was put online, and shared across the whole world.


klein_isaackintuIsaac Bullock Kintu

Isaac came to the Netherlands as a refugee from Uganda, and studied Communication Sciences at the Free University of Amsterdam (VU). Now working at consultancy company Accenture, Isaac got involved in the development of a digital platform with a smart algorithm aimed at bridging the gap between refugee talents and employers, bringing in his own experiences and network. The goal is to accelerate sustainable integration and economic independence of refugees in the Dutch society.

At TEDxHilversum, Isaac will share his personal story; the story of how he once was a refugee without a bright future, and how he has developed into someone who can contribute to the society he has now become a part of.



klein_wouterDr. Wouter van den Berg

Dr. van den Berg is a neuro-economist, who has developed a way to combine DNA research and neuro-scientific assessments into a tool to determine which talents you can best use and improve to grow professionally. But how does this influence the relationships at work, for example between employers and employees?






klein_mauritsjangroenMaurits Jan Groen

As an expert in the field of Data Insights and the Internet of Things, Maurits will take us along on a journey into the future, and show us how the Internet of Things will develop and grow to change our lives.






Fotograaf: Benthe Maria Hilkens

Host: Manuel Venderbos

With over 15 years of experience in radio and TV, Manuel Venderbos surely knows his way around media, and most importantly: the stage is his comfort zone. On December 7th, he’ll guide us through the TEDxHilversum program as our official host.






vierkantsundazeAct: Sundaze

Sundaze is a three-piece funk/rock band based in Amsterdam, known for their raw and highly energetic live performance and covering a wide array of innovative sounds. The band consists of Ümit Kiliç on vocals/guitar, Tom Ruys on bass and Rutger Genser on drums. Their music mixes tight funky rhythms with catchy pop/rock melodies, and old blues, soul, reggae and jazz vibes to make it a hugely varying musical melting pot accessible for a very broad audience. Bringing it on, on our stage.




vierkantcarly-eAct: Carly E.

Where do you start being so excited to have Carly E. on stage? Carly E in three words: driven, forceful and honest. An electrifying live experience! We never anticipated that a girl with a voice and an electric cello could be so overwhelming. She has just returned to the Netherlands where she will be on tour as of spring 2017. But, hey, TEDxHilversum has her on stage now where she will fill the whole stage and venue with her mesmerizing music.




vierkanteastvilleAct: Eastville

Sometimes recipes are simpel: sensitive guitar strings, loads of nostalgia, country blues and wine and some humor to top it all off. Nothing less is wat Eastville will bring to our stage in order to get us in the right mood for the next talk.






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