My life is a joke

They were very happy with their new website at House of Halo in 2014, and for this reason decided to create a music video without music of Pharell Williams hit: Happy. As a joke. Just for fun. And it became a life changing moment for Erik van der Ven. The video went viral, in the classical sense of the word. Over 4,5 million views today. The #withoutmusic videos from House of Halo are now a phenomenon and more than 400.000 followers from the US, England, Mexico, Brasil and South-Korea are eagerly waiting every Monday what they have created for this week.

On Sunday the #sundaysong wakes you up and every Wednesday they upload a cover video. Their secret for success? Engagement. Engaging with their audience. Letting them decide which song should be the next cover video. Taking all feedback and comments seriously, as their audience (between 14-34 years) is key to them.

On our stage Erik will elaborate more about how doing what you love most is a very sticky business.