Your new BFF is a machine

You should know that he was in awe when the computer started ’talking’ to him back in 1994. It turned out to be the the admin of a bulletin board back then, but it was the first time the computer screen showed the start of a conversation. And now Maurits Jan Groen wants to talk to us about a digital assistant for everyone. A digital assistant who shops for you, pays your bills, looks after your diary, helps your kids with their homework, how to brush their teeth or is a companion for your elderly parents. Science fiction? Not at all. In his talk Maurits Jan will share his thoughts about the next generation ‘conversational interface’. Conversations are not only taking place between humans, but more and more between humans and machines as well. We are on the verge of a new generation of services. A new social role for machines that we can embrace. At the same time this starts a whole new discussion around privacy, integrity and responsibility. And how can we protect ourselves from misuse. Next week, we’ll get the answers from Maurits Jan Groen.