‘Creativity is the thing we need to improve and survive’ (Bart Hufen)

Bart, first takes us back to his childhood when he was a student and where his love for computers and games started. With his passion for computers and games today he is a ‘gamification expert’. He converses the strengths of gaming into strategies for companies, as the power of playing and gaming is so engaging.

There are certain elements about gaming that make it addictive and engaging. A clear goal that needs to be achieved, obstacles to overcome and the routines, also called the game-loop. Going through the routine is great to improve your skills in a game, but in order to reach a higher level (in games, but in real life too) people need to be creative. Creativity is the thing we need to cherish.

Bart obviously enjoys his job very much, but points out that only 9 percent of the people actually have fun at work. He is eager to change this and triggers us all to change your daily routines and to surprise yourself more. Change routines, because it can bring great bonuses. Make an unexpected compliment, challenge co-workers, push yourself to take the stairs sometimes instead of the elevator. Be creative, challenge yourself, level up. Add more fun to work so eventually we can all level up.


Watch Bart Hufen’s full talk here.