Isaac Kintu: Refugee talent  

He came to Holland as a refugee himself, as a little boy from Uganda. When the refugee crisis hit the Netherlands he was disgusted by what was said online about the Syrians who came here. He welcomed the first group of Syrian refugees in Haarlem and learned that most of them were highly educated. And if they were not highly educated, they were very motivated and grateful and wanted to contribute to our society.

A few days later, he just started in his job at Accenture, he received a mail from a manager. She was eager to do something about the refugee catastrophe. Next thing Isaac Bullock Kintu (28) knows, he was working on the Refugee Talent Hub platform. An Ecosystem/platform where companies, NGO’s, educational institutes and government work hand in hand to bridge the gap between employers and talents. The whole idea is to change the attitude towards refugees, taking it from a different perspective. They are not a burden, but a gift of talent to our society. Oh and yes, did we already mention that Barack Obama endorsed the program? Oh yeah, nothing less. And so are we. We endorse Isaac Bullock Kintu as well.

To put the icing on the cake he sang a beautiful song to show he possesses many great talents himself.


Watch Isaac Bullock Kintu’s full talk here.