Paulus Emden Huitema – Art of making friends

It is not a trick, it takes time to make friends

Paulus Emden Huitema’s talks normally take two hours or even two days, but at TEDxHilversum he shared his vision in just ten minutes. Branding a city is what makes him tick. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, but promotes itself simply as ‘an inspiring city’. His friend Jordi is called Jorge in his passport because when he was born Catalan names were not accepted. But when football player Johan Cruyff decided to give his son the name Jordi, this name became accepted. Point Huitema wants to make is that you have to cherish your authenticity when it comes to city marketing. Not just make use of hot air for the balloon, but also use some papermash to make it last. Don’t copy what other cities do, be true to yourself. Tourist will not accept a fake image. And the best way to get to know a city is to make locale friends. Point taken.


Watch Paul Emden Huitema’s full talk here.