ShannaNina – The Art of Gaming

One of her favorite childhood memories is playing video games with her brother. Today ShannaNina is still playing, but at the same time she makes a living out of gaming by streaming her gaming sessions (shoutcasting) to more than 40,000 subscribers on her Twitch channel called ShannaNina.

Some people – of a certain generation – might think that gaming is an antisocial event, but they are T O T A L L Y wrong. For Shannanina gaming was her way out of her depression at the age of 19, in the aftermath of her father’s suicide. She spent two months in bed gaming, ordering in pizza and basically just ‘being’. She was following a streamer [red. someone who has a webcam operating on him/her while gaming] and thought: ‘I can do that’. At first it gave her a reason to wear something else than pyjama’s and put on some make-up. For some time she was only the lonely on the webcam, but one day she spotted her first follower. And then six and then …. the fourty thousands she has now. Her singing during gaming became one of her unique characteristics, at the point where followers now have requests for certain songs. And donate money for her performance as a gamer/singer. On Twitch – a gaming platform – she is hot. She is the hottest female streamer in the Netherlands, but her followers come from all over the world. Working days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Working hours: evenings and beginning of the night.
The key might be in her variety of activities online. Gaming combined with her lame jokes and making music. She is a girl of many talents who is guided by her passion. She shares the positive impact of gaming and is engaging the gaming community in her own original way.


Watch ShannaNina’s full talk here.