Tori Egherman – The Shrink Hacker

Tori Egherman is a social media expert who helps companies to understand their own goals better and shape their stories accordingly. This leads to increased engagement. She helps companies to share their content on a right platform/medium. Personally she keeps her social media presence to bare minimum.

Growth hacking: growth hacker is the best sales person, best communicator, designer all in one person. They create and test messages and see the impact on the world. They use wrong information and spread it to get benefit.
Shrink hackers: are the people who listen to a small pool of diverse voices and seek uncomfortable discussions. They are ready to talk to a diverse group of people and minorities; listening more at the core of shrink hackers. They believe in “suspending judgement” and “listening more”. Her biggest motivation is “Love” and she feels “no action based on love is small, it is the time to act now”.

Her message to the audience is “Always question yourself if there is no evidence for your opinion. If you are opinionated without evidence then start questioning yourself and start looking for evidence.”


Watch Tori Egherman’s full talk here.