Mohamed El Bachiri – Heart touching story “Jihad of love”

His name is Mohamed El Bachiri. He is a Muslim from moroccan origin. He is a metro driver and lives in Molenbeek, Brussels. No, he is not a terrorist although some people might suspect him to be one given his background. He is one of the victim of Brussels terror attacks in March this year. His wife Loubna died during the terrorist attacks on that day. He is left with their three sons age 10, 8 and 3 after that dreadful day and has not returned back to work. Sleeping at night is still difficult. He misses his wife everyday. He started a jihad, a “jihad of love”. He says “Love has given me the strength to get back on my feet again|. The love for my wife. The love for my children. The love for life in general.” “Love” is the only answer against hate. We are all united in “Love”, all religions, all backgrounds and age. Values like “respect for every human life” and “free will” are essential in this respect.
There is no reason to take opposite sides between the Arab and the Western world. Great Arab thinkers have contributed to Western history. Many Muslims are not aware of this. Religious leaders and schools should see it as their task to educate young people and prevent them from getting attracted to terrorism. Let us learn from the terrorist attacks and declare 22nd March 2016 as the day of “LOVE”, embracing differences and being open to one another.
Mohamed El Bachiri moved the audience and received a standing ovation. Watch his full talk here.