Carly E- Magic music with cello

An energetic young women with her electric cello takes the breath away of the audience during her short performance on the TEDxHilversum. She is Carly E, best described in 3 words: driven, forceful and honest. She has a super original and strong voice. During her performance she leads us into her songs and her experiences during her world tour.

After performing on the TEDxHilversum stage together with her bff, an ‘electric cello’, Carly. E says she felt very inspired. “I really felt the inspiration going through this theater”, she tells us with a big big smile on her face. It was Carly’s turn to go on stage after the emotional and intense story of Mohammed El Bachiri, and she said it was a big step to go on stage at that moment.

She says I’m used to performing on different kind of stages, but TEDxHilversum is definitely a special one’. Watch Carly E’s full performance here.