Maurits Jan Groen – A robot as your new best friend

Maurits Jan Groen is an expert in the field of Data Insights and the Internet of Things. He asks the audience who still calls their bank by phone. One or two people raise their hands. Next question: “Who uses the PA on their phone?” Significantly more hands go up. A great deal of the communication between people goes through apps like whatsapp these days. Whatsapp processes 14 billion messages a day and this number still increases. However, a great deal of communication is between people and robots these days. Think in this respect of Siri on the iPhone or even if you still call your bank, at first you’ll get to answer a few questions by a very pleasant but recorded robot voice, before you are put through to an employee of the bank. Maurits Jan Groen foresees a steep rise in communication between persons and robots. How many years will it take before you realize that a robot has become your best friend?


Watch Maurits Jan Groen’s full talk here.